working in partnership with people living in Tanzanian villages to support their aspirations

TRR 2017 Annual Report

Annual Report

Tanzania Rural Revival

TRR works in Makete District (Njombe Region) in the southwest of the country and in Nkasi District (Rukwa Region) in the west. The focus of its operations is around the village of Bulongwa (Makete) and the town of Namanyere (Nkasi).

Welcome to Tanzania Rural Revival

Tanzania Rural Revival works in partnership with people living in two remote and rural districts of Tanzania. We help to fund their priorities and support their aspirations for community development. We are a small charity registered in the UK under the auspices of Global Justice Now. Uboreshaji Maisha Vijijini Tanzania is our name in Swahili.

TRR is Sophia Ng’wango, Stewart Kiluswa, Anselmo Kapandila in Tanzania.

John Fowler, Rosemary Fowler, Tony Janes, John Hough, Lesley Hough in the UK.



A little goes a very long way in Tanzania. Anything you give will help with our ongoing commitments, like funding children though primary school, or with one of our projects like building a school kitchen.
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Our Work

We work through existing structures such as Village Committees, Water Committees, District Councils, schools, credit unions and co-operative societies.