school 1

Primary Schools Electricity through the national grid has been promised for Namanyere people for some time and it
has finally arrived. However, the costs of connection to it are beyond the reach of many. This year, however, we were able to arrange connection for Isunta Primary School. We had to buy 4 poles and some other stuff but it means it is much easier for evening classes to take place in this large school.

We support vulnerable children at Mkole and Swaila Primary Schools, via the Village Committees. The broken water pump at Mkole PS, is a problem and we have arranged for it to be mended. It is also used by villagers. We have received a quote for work on new toilets for Kala Primary which we are still discussing.

Secondary Schools Students are required to pay a number of contributions (known as ‘michango’) to their school for
such items as paper, security, exam fees, deposits against damage and much more. We support 10 students at both Mkwamba and Mkole with this.

We have arranged for more flooring in the laboratory at Mkole Secondary School. At Mkwamba Secondary School we
agreed to help with the conversion of a classroom into a laboratory. We visited Nkomolo Secondary School for the first time, and contributed some cement for the new lab, which villagers