In many villages in Nkasi District, existing pumps have broken down after many years of use. People turn to water from dirty streams and shallow wells or from Lake Tanganyika as a result. There have been a number of outbreaks of cholera.

With help from Water for Kids, we now have a rolling programme of pump renewal. We also supply simple tool kits and training for village people in maintenance and hygiene. This year water supplies were restored in Mtenga (2 pumps) and Milundikwa (2 pumps). A further pump will be installed in Mtenga as soon as the concrete base is renewed and discussions are taking place about a possible new borehole in Milundikwa.

Nkanga pump in Kipili was not working and some parts have been ordered for it but in the meantime some children playing got it to work again! The parts can always be used somewhere else if they are not needed.